Monday, January 3, 2011

My First McFatty Monday

Ohhhhkay.  I'm at this point now.  This is the point I swore I'd never reach.  It has taken three pregnancies and births, but I belong here now.

I need to lose weight, or at least lose inches.

Now, those of you who have known me for years are going to be shocked by this revelation.  That is, unless you've seen me lately.  In that case, you completely understand why I'm here.

And for those of you who don't know me, let me put it to you this way...I'm "that skinny girl."  My dad threw a party for me when I finally hit 100 lbs.  I had abs without trying and my dancer body stuck around even through becoming a mommy.
At least, I was able to keep it up through TWO of my pregnancies.
And then came Sawyer, and my toned days flew out the window.  I'm not sure if my metabolism has changed, or if I'm just getting older, or if (gulp) this is my destiny, but whatever the reason, the flab has got to go.  And soon.  Why?

Because in May, I'm going to the beach.  FOUR MONTHS.  And this jiggle?  It doesn't need to be seen by anyone.

We almost always go to the beach, and I have proof that, without even trying, I always got my body back:
2007, after ONE kid

2009, after TWO kids

Impressive, right?  BUT this is what I looked like last year:
2010, pregnant w/ 3rd kid

And now?  I DON'T LOOK MUCH DIFFERENT THAN THE PREGNANT PICTURE.  I can show you this photo without any embarrassment because I can pretend that the belly is all baby.  But clearly it wasn't, because after 8 lbs. 8 oz. Sawyer was born, the belly didn't shrink much. Where baby once was, there now sits this pocket of flub that makes every pair of pants I own look ill-fitting.  Dangit, third baby!
This is an issue, and not only for my self-esteem (let's face it, that's a huge part of the problem), but for my health.

Because I've never really had to try to keep weight off before now, I really don't know where to begin.  Though I've always been skinny (until now, and I have thus far shied away from documenting the pudge with photographs), I have never been what I would consider healthy.
I don't eat well.  I live off bread, cheese, and pasta.
I don't exercise.  Sometimes I run to the kitchen to get a snack, if that counts.

Now I have three children who need me to be healthy.  And I have a four month deadline before it's time to brave the beach again.

I went searching for some extra inspiration to help me want to exercise, because, if I'm being honest, I truly HATE to exercise.  And I came up with...

The Disney Princess Half-Marathon and 5k!

I have a full year to prepare for it, and if I'm able to run it, I get an extra trip to Disney, according to my wonderfully supportive (or perhaps nostalgic for my old body) husband.  I did a little digging and found that many people like me are using a program called Couch to 5k.  It is supposed to literally take a lazy lump like myself and have me running a 5k in a matter of months.  I like the idea of easing myself into running, and I like the idea of being toned again even more.

Food is going to be harder for me to control.  I love to eat, and pretty much everything I eat has some form of carbs, dairy, or a combo of the two.  I'm also a nursing mom, so I have to make sure I'm getting enough calories.  While I'm going to try to eat better, I'm not going to let myself be hungry, because my son doesn't need to be hungry!

Weight doesn't matter much to me.  Inches matter, and that pudgy patch on my belly and my jiggly thighs matter.  Would I like my weight to be lower?  Absolutely.  But muscles weighs more than fat, and I realize that my weight might not change much, though (hopefully) my physique will.  This is for my health and for a healthy self-esteem.

But I won't complain if the scale shows a lower number soon ;-).
(For the record, I'm starting this journey at 140 lbs.  And it's a very unhealthy 140 lbs., so don't bother telling me I don't need to lose weight, cause I most certainly do.  Yay, heart health!  Belly fat, be gone!)


  1. ::sigh:: I totally get you because I am not fat by any means but I am not toned distinction. But I think you look pretty amazing for 3 kids. I am terrified of what my body will look like after a second!

  2. I did a couch to 5K back when we were trying to conceive, I figured the healthier I was going into it the better I'd be after baby. I totally rocked my first 5K, which I am quite proud of as a non-runner. I was actually training for a 10K when we got pregnant, but pregnancy did not agree with running. Let's just say I had to stop to puke mid-run on several occasions.

    It's great to have a goal in mind, I'm sure you will rock it as well! Good luck! Hey, maybe I'll join you and attempt a half marathon. Maybe. But remember the bigger goal is to become healthier, so be sure you're eating lots of the good stuff and none of that processed junk and you will feel and look better:-)

  3. I'm not nostalgic, you have never been any less than a 10 to me.

  4. I have the exact opposite issue. I've had to watch what I eat since I realized I was overweight (I was ALWAYS overweight, just didn't really notice/care until mid-way thru college). Now, I'm toned and in shape, but still above "goal" It's a PAIN, but it's also a life-long struggle for me, before and after baby!

  5. Well let me first of all start off saying, I think you still look great! Compared to me, most people do look great LOL. But just because I think you look great, doesn't mean you do..and YOU have to feel great. KWIM?

    But in all seriousness, you should try weight watchers. They have a plan for nursing Mom's to help you lose weight but still eat enough calories to help keep your milk supply

  6. Thanks for the encouragement, guys! I know I'll need it. Even though I'm not horribly overweight, I do need to start this healthier lifestyle and start feeling better about myself. I'm also hoping for a boost in energy.

    Delia--Put those running shoes on again and we can compare notes!

    Ashlee--I had no idea WW had a program for nursing mothers! I really need to look into that!

  7. Hi I just happened by your blog today for the first time. I so understand this post. In 2003 when I first came to US I was 87 pounds. I tried hard dor 2 year to hit 100 pounds. Finally end of 2007 I hit 100 lbs and in 2008 I got pregnant and had a baby in 2009. I still havent lost the jiggle and the baby weight and struggle with it. I have never troubled myslef with losing weight before and so just like you say, no idea where to begin. I started the couch to 5k program and had to give up for a while due to various reasons.

    Anyway, good luck in your efforts!

  8. Consider yourself stalked, officially. Let's do it girl...I've had 3 kids too. My last was almost 2 years ago and I still have this weight on me. Today is my day 2 so come on and let's keep each other motivated!

  9. It's funny you posted about this because I had just emailed my gym girls about training for the Princess Marathon over the course of the next year! Wish we lived closer, we could definitely train together. But we can certainly keep each other motivated :-)

  10. We most certainly can!! I'm planning on starting tonight, but I think you've already got a good head-start on me!